Marketing Plan Ideas

Our full property marketing campaign will be tailored to highlight your home to potential buyers across a wide variety of platforms. We use all of the tools below to tell a complete and compelling story of your home.

Professional Photography

Your home deserves the best. So we hire trained photographers who ensure your home’s details are beautifully captured.

Engaging Video

Did you know, real estate listings with video receive +400% more inquiries than listings without video? High-quality video allows potential home buyers to “connect” with your home in a way that still photographs cannot.


Sometimes buyers have very specific floor plan desires. We helped a couple who only wanted to see homes where the bedrooms were all in the same hallway because they wanted to be near their small children. We helped another family who wanted an area suited for “mom” to visit often. Having a floor plan readily available for buyers and their agents to study prior to visiting your home helps ensure a good fit.

Floor Plan - 1a


Sometimes the things that make your home or neighborhood special cannot be seen in a photograph or on video. Things like the weekly farmer’s market that is a short bike ride away or the walking trails nearby.


In this information age, people want easily accessible details, and a single property site will showcase what buyers want to know about your home without distractions to pull away from their focus. Links to schools, floor plan, neighborhood rules, and amenities, all in a mobile-friendly site. A URL constructed around the property address makes this easy for YOU to share with your friends.


Are you ready to get doing or do you just have questions about the process?