Discover Putnam Heights: A Historic Gem in Oklahoma City

Putnam Heights historic neighborhood in Oklahoma City.

Putnam Heights is a historic and diverse neighborhood located in Uptown, Oklahoma City, offering a rich history, architectural beauty, and access to arts and entertainment districts. With a mix of estate homes and cozy bungalows, Putnam Heights has something for everyone searching for a historic home in OKC. We will explore this unique neighborhood's history, architecture, and amenities.

A Glimpse into the Past

A Visionary Developer's Dream

In the early 1900s, developer Israel Putnam envisioned a neighborhood that combined the best elements of historic architecture with modern amenities. So he created the neighborhood, which quickly became known for its distinctive architectural styles, such as Prairie and Craftsman-style homes.

Pioneering Infrastructure

As one of the first neighborhoods in the area to have paved streets and sidewalks, Putnam Heights set a high standard for infrastructure. Today, the neighborhood thrives, with residents dedicated to preserving its historical charm and integrity.

Preserving the Past

The Putnam Heights Preservation Area, a community organization, was formed to maintain the neighborhood's historical integrity. Through their efforts, many homes have been restored to their original condition. In addition, the community hosts events that celebrate the area's rich history.

Architectural Styles: The Heart of Putnam Heights

A Diverse Array of Designs

The Putnam Heights Historic District has a variety of architectural styles, making it an attractive destination for history and design enthusiasts alike. The neighborhood offers lots of architectural diversity, from Colonial and California styles to Georgian, Renaissance, Mediterranean, and Tudor.

Unique Airplane Bungalows

One distinctive style is the "Airplane Bungalow," known as the California style in other areas. This unique design features a small upper story resembling an airplane's cockpit and adds an interesting style to the neighborhood.

Housing Facts and Figures: Putnam Heights by the Numbers

Size and Age

This community has around 1,000 homes, ranging from 400 to 4,000 square feet. The average square footage of these homes is 1,600 square feet. They were typically built around 1933, showcasing the neighborhood's historic charm.

Prices and Affordability

Homes here have recently been priced between $60,000 and $600,000, with an average price of $260,000. This range of prices ensures options for various budgets, allowing more people to become part of this historic community.

Education and Community: Schools Serving Putnam Heights

Oklahoma City School District

Children living here attend Oklahoma City School District schools, including Eugene Field Elementary, Moon Middle School, and Douglas High School. These schools provide quality education to the neighborhood's young residents.

Living in Putnam Heights: Arts, Entertainment, and More

Proximity to Arts and Entertainment Districts

A key benefit of living here is its easy access to various arts and entertainment districts in Oklahoma City, uptown, midtown, and downtown. In addition, this prime location ensures that residents can enjoy cultural events, dining, and shopping experiences while staying close to home.

A Proud and Active Community

The residents of this neighborhood take pride in their neighborhood's heritage and actively participate in preserving its charm. Through community events, restoration projects, and a commitment to maintaining the area's historical integrity, Putnam Heights has become a sought-after destination for those seeking a unique and vibrant living experience.

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In conclusion, the neighborhood offers a rich history, diverse architecture, and a strong sense of community. It is ideal for folks looking to experience the best of historic Oklahoma City living. From the picturesque streets lined with beautifully restored homes to the thriving arts and entertainment scene, this neighborhood celebrates its past while embracing the future. 

In addition, the combination of excellent educational facilities, a variety of housing options, and a dedicated community organization makes this area a perfect place to call home. Discover the charm for yourself, and join this vibrant, historic community in the heart of Oklahoma City.

Neighborhood Highlights

  • Rich architectural diversity
  • Historic preservation efforts
  • Proximity to arts districts
  • Strong community engagement
  • Beautifully restored homes
  • Accessible entertainment options

Individual Residence Features

  • Spacious turn-of-the-century estates
  • Charming smaller bungalows
  • Unique Airplane Bungalow designs
  • Restored historical features
  • Expansive lots available
  • Variety of architectural styles


  • NW 36th Street and Classen Boulevard

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