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Gatewood Hisotrical District in Oklahoma City

Welcome to Gatewood Historic District

Discover the allure of Gatewood, a historic neighborhood where the charm of the past meets modern conveniences. Established in 1922, Gatewood boasts over 320 acres of diverse architectural styles, from Craftsman and Colonial to Tudor and Spanish. Nestled between the vibrant Plaza and Uptown Districts, this area offers a unique blend of history and contemporary living.

Architectural Diversity and Rich History

Gatewood’s homes, primarily built in the 1920s and 1930s, reflect a range of styles. Notable examples include the elegant Colonial homes with their grand façades, the cozy Craftsman bungalows with intricate woodwork, and the distinctive Spanish-style houses with their vibrant tile roofs. Gatewood Elementary, serving the community since 1927, is a testament to the neighborhood’s enduring legacy.

Carey Place: A Hidden Gem

Within Gatewood lies Carey Place, a unique strip originally reserved for a streetcar line. The Mediterranean and Spanish-influenced homes here are known for their stunning architecture and vibrant Halloween festivities, making Carey Place a highlight of the community.

Vibrant Community and Ideal Location

Gatewood is a thriving residential area with nearly 1,000 homes. Its location offers easy access to Oklahoma City University, downtown, and the Asian District. Homes range from $150,000 to over $1.8 million, with many lovingly restored to maintain their historic charm.

A Personal Connection

As a real estate agent with deep roots in Gatewood, I take pride in helping others discover its unique charm. Growing up here and attending Gatewood Elementary has given me a special appreciation for this community.


Gatewood is more than just a neighborhood; it's a community where history and modernity coexist. Whether you’re seeking an urban lifestyle or a family-friendly environment, Gatewood has something for everyone. Contact us to explore homes in this timeless district and find your dream home in Gatewood.

Neighborhood Highlights

  • Historic Homes
  • Great Location!
  • Nearby Schools
  • Close to Downtown, Midtown
  • Annual Home Tour
  • Carey Place for Halloween

Individual Residence Features

  • Mostly Built from 1905 to 1940
  • 800 to 4,000 square feet
  • 2 to 5 bedroom homes
  • Some new homes being built


  • Between NW 16th and 23rd Streets and between Classen Blvd and Penn

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